Basic Pistol
Total Instruction Time: 4-5 hours
Cost: $100.00 regular price per person (Fall special only $50.00 per person that's $50.00 off regular price). Classes fill up fast register today.

Prerequisites: None
This course has been developed for the new gun owner and the gun owner who has never had formal training. You will learn defensive shooting techniques on how to protect yourself, legal aspects of owning a hand gun, proper use and concealed carry of your weapon, use of force and weapon retention. This class is equivalent to Law Enforcement/Security officer Standards. 

Items to bring to class: Handgun Semi Automatic or Revolver, a good sturdy belt, holster, two magazines and magazine pouch, 200 rounds of range ammunition, eye and hearing protection, Lawn chair, rain gear if needed.
You will be outside  please dress according to weather conditions. Be prepared to get dirty. No open toed shoes allowed.
To Register for Class just click Contact us and tell us what class you would like to register for. We will respond back with a confirmation email. 

On July 22, 2012 my dad, myself and my 18 year old son took the 4G tactical basic pistol course, we are gun enthusiast and have spent a lot of time at our home town range just shooting targets. We have also had other weapons training but not defensive shooting like Paul teaches. The basic class is great for first time gun owners or for the seasoned shooter that just target practices and wants to learn how to protect themselves or family. Paul teaches gun safety, proper gun handling and shooting techniques with actual shooting. Paul Forgey is a top notch instructor in tactical situations, he introduced us to military and specialized law enforcement maneuvers that would help in real life self defense situations. His prices are very fair and the small class setting is nice for one on one instruction. Paul is passionate about teaching the Law Abiding Citizen about the knowledge he has gained from his many years of experience. We definitely plan to do the Tactical pistol 1 training.
Sincerely, Jeff,Kenneth, Jacob G.- Griffin, Ga.

Thank you Paul!!
Ryan and I enjoyed the class so much. You have helped me overcome the fear Of handling a gun. After taking only this first class, I truly feel like I could protect myself if and when needed. We plan on taking the other classes too! Just gotta save up some money first. Thanks again for doing such a great job! I will be referring people to come see you! 
Ryan and Sylvia 

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