Citizenship policy:
You will be required to show proper ID ( Drivers license or pass port) and fill out a form stating you are an American Citizen.
Privacy Policy:
4G Tactical does not share or sell any information we obtain from our clients. All information is used for the sole purpose of 4G Tactical only.
Equipment Policy:
No student will be permitted on the range without eye and hearing protection. If you have any questions on equipment please contact us we can help you. We do offer these items at the range for a small fee.
Waivers Policy:
 All students will be required to fill out a Liability Waiver prior to training. No student will be allowed to start or participate in any type of training conducted by 4G Tactical until a waiver is filled out.
All minors under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form from there parents or legal guardian.

Participation Policy:
If you have been convicted of a crime you may not register or participate in any course 4G Tactical offers. If you are under the influence of any medication that may effect your vision or your judgement you may not participate in any training conducted by 4G Tactical. 4G Tactical does not allow any use of alcohol or illegal substances to be used prior to or during training.
Cancelation policy: All security deposits are non refundable if client cancels class or is a no show. If class is canceled for weather isssues class will be rescheduled with the clients consent of the new training day picked and security deposit will be tranfered to new class.

   4G Tactical reserves the right to terminate any client from training for any unsafe reason or violation of it's policies at anytime. 

Termination of Training Due to Bad Weather:
     If you are scheduled for a Training Class or Shooting Range time. The morning of that event the decision will be made based on weather reports to terminate Range usage for that day.You will be notified by 7am by phone if that event will be terminated. If you do not receive a call then the range and training will be conducted as planned or you may Call Paul at 678-283-5104