Women Only Basic Pistol Class:
Total Instruction Time: 5-6 hours
Cost: $100.00 regular price per person (Summer special only $50.00 per person that's $50.00 off regular price).  
Prerequisites: None
This course has been developed for the new gun owner and the gun owner who has never had formal training. You will learn defensive shooting techinques on how to protect yourself, legal aspects of owning a hand gun, proper use and carry of your weapon. This class is equivalent to Law Enforcement/Security officer Standards. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of class.
Items to bring to class: A servicable handgun, a good sturdy belt, holster, two magazines and one magazine pouch, 200 rounds of range ammunition, eye and hearing protection, lawn chair, rain gear if needed.
You will be outside  please dress according to weather conditions. 
 No open toed shoes allowed.
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Paul, thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the womens only basic pistol class. I came to class this morning being afraid of my gun. I had hardly held it and had never shot it. The class was exactly what I needed to learn in terms of gun knowledge, safety, and laws. I really appreciated the fact that the hands-on firearm training was the bulk of the class. It enabled me to quickly build my shooting skills. I feel confident in using my gun now, and that is a GREAT feeling. Your expertise and professionalism is apparent. I will definitely be back for more advanced instruction from you.  
Rhonda C, McDonough, GA

​I took your basic pistol class today and I have to say I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I was expecting a good bit of "classroom" training and little bit of live training. Boy was I wrong. You had just the right amount of classroom training, with most of the training being hands on. From the handling of the gun, to loading reloading, shooting, self defensive tips, the class was perfect. I can't wait to take another class from you. Thanks again. - Jill, McDonough, GA

​I really enjoyed it Paul. I feel a lot more comfortable with my gun now. Thank you.
Leslie K, Atlanta, GA

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