Tactical Pistol 1
Total instruction time: 4-6 hours
Cost: $100.00  (Fall Special only $60 per person that's $40 off the original price). Classes fill up very fast don't wait register today.

Prerequisite: Basic Pistol or have prior Firearms Training.

In this course we will focus on detailed marksmanship techniques, Target designation,Tactical movement while shooting, defensive and offensive firing positions, defensive shooting techniques to include concealed carry and CQB (Close Quarter Battle). Also home defense and other defensive scenarios will be taught including advanced weapon retention. 
Items to bring to class: Handgun, a good sturdy belt, holster, two magazines and magazine pouch, 200 rounds of range ammunition, eye and hearing protection, Lawn chair, rain gear if needed.

You will be outside  please dress according to weather conditions. Be prepared to get dirty. No open toed shoes allowed. 
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 The tactical pistol 1 class taught by Mr. Forgey is Amazing. I have not met another instructor who brings as much knowledge and incorporates as much real life scenarios into their training as he does. There was not one minute of this class where we were not doing something new and exciting. We moved through barricades, performed a host of drills, and learned excellent defensive tactics. Mr. Forgey's experience and training really showed when he taught this class. He is really in the sport for the love of it. You will not find a quality class of this nature anywhere near his prices period. I can't wait to attend more classes with him.
Thomas- Stockbridge, GA

I wanted to take a few moments and thank you for the chance to come and attend the Tactical 1 Pistol class. In the many years I have carried weapons in various jobs, I admit, I didnot think there was a whole lot that you could teach me that I didnot already know.

I should make you aware that I was very wrong in that assumption. You showed me many things that I had never considered prior to your class, and it makes me think that I really need to get into the Tactical 2 class. As soon as things are a little more stable in the work environment and finances and all, I fully intend to be down there for another class.

You were professional and courteous, didnot bark at us like a Drill Instructor or make us to feel ignorant or beneath you, as I have heard other people say about other instructors. Added to that, the fact that you had a student in the class who had no experience whatsoever shooting, but nonetheless, were able to modify and tailor her portion/participation in the class to fit her needs tells me that you are not in this business to make a buck, but that you really want every student to walk away from class feeling better about their ability to use a firearm in a defensive manner AND feel comfortable about when to shoot and, more importantly, when NOT to shoot.

You made a very physically challenging day an experience that was enjoyable, and knew when to push and when not to push people based on physical abilities.

I have more confidence in my knowledge and ability, and my wife can see it as well.
Great class! Had a fun time with you and the other students! 
Thanks again Sir! Respectfully, Paul M.- Ellenwood Ga.

My husband & I had a really great time at your Tactical Pistol 1 class. It was very creative, interesting and fast pace. Most important of all was the emphasis placed on safety. We had a perfect size class for you to keep an eye on every one & every thing. It was a great addition to our previous shooting classes & we are anxious to attend more future classes.

Also the extra tips for personnel safety that we could face in our everyday life.

Leonard & Kathi 
Jackson, Ga

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