Tactical Pistol 2
Total Instruction Time: 4-6 hours
Cost: $100.00 (Fall Special only $70 per person that is $30 off original price).

Prerequisites: Tactical Pistol 1

In this course we will focus on advanced markmanship skills to include Advanced shooting positions, personal protection senarios, concealment shooting, threat assessment,Use of Force,
Advanced CQB(Close Quarters Battle) Techniques. This class is very demanding mentally and physically. This class is equivalent to a Special Operator in the United State Marine Corps. 

Items to bring to class: A handgun, a good sturdy belt, holster, two magazines and magazine pouch, 250 rounds of range ammunition, eye and hearing protective, Lawn chair, rain gear if needed.
You will be outside  please dress according to weather conditions, Be prepared to get dirty.
No open toed shoes allowed.
To Register for Class:

                           TRAIN OFTEN, TRAIN HARD
Thanks for another great class. After taking Tactical 2, the light is finally starting 
to come on for me. For me, this class pulls the lessons learned from Basic Pistol and 
Tactical 1 together into a more dynamic, fast paced, no wasted motions lesson in 
self defense and combat shooting. From close quarters to distance shooting, target 
acquisition to maintaining sight alignment at all times, proper breathing techniques with 
both eyes open, addressing weapons malfunctions to stay in the game, quickly
identifying noncombatants vs. threats, moving backwards and forwards while engaging 
targets, to your directives of the safe handling of weapons at all times ..this class had it all.
I'm so impressed! 
For anyone who wants to go beyond the initial steps of just purchasing a firearm 
for self defense and occasional range shooting these classes are a not only 
eye openers for skills required for protecting their families but must-haves for dealing with
the moral responsibilities of owning and possibly using that firearm.  
An additional value-add for me has been good times we've had hanging out together, 
the camaraderie in the class as a result of working together as one unit, moving strategically
together in drills, and shooting together with all of us in the same mind-set. Like we are all 
one family...brothers and sisters. You can't get that just anywhere. So very, very special
for me! 
Thank you for your leadership and selfless attitude in helping others by sharing your
knowledge & experiences. And, thanks for your patience and your diligence. You are 
definitely making a difference in this crazy world.  

Best regards,

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