4G Tactical was founded by Paul Forgey, with the goal of providing quality, cost effective, reality based training to individuals and corporations.

Paul Forgey is the CEO and head instructor with over 29 years' experience.

Paul served in the U.S. Marine's in the elite FAST Company ( Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team), as  team leader, instructor and weapons armory chief. He was assigned to OPNAV Security in the pentagon that oversaw all security details for the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations and Naval Command Center. As team leader of the 2/4 MEU SOC (Special Operations Capable), he trained with numerous foreign military units to include the Turkish infantry and Italian army in MOUT(Military Operations in Urban Terrain) operations. He was hand selected for the Marine Corps coveted Super Squad competition as a team leader. He has worked for the U.S Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Georgia Department of Corrections. He has received specialized training from the U.S.Secret Service, FBI, U.S. State Department, U.S. Marshal Service and U.S Navy Seals. He has worked contracts for the U. S. Marshal Service and other corporate entities including the Atlanta Braves.

He is licensed by the Georgia Private Detective and Security Agency as a Classroom and Firearms Instructor License# CFTR001199. He is State Post Certified, National Association of Professional Martial Artist Certified in Tae Kwon Jutsu and CPR and First Aid Certified. 

Paul leads a team of instructors with over 45 years of weapons and tactical training experience. 

   At 4G Tactical you gain the knowledge and mental toughness to respond to hazardous real-life situations when they arise. We at 4G Tactical understand, when they do come, it could mean life or death.

                     TRAIN OFTEN, TRAIN HARD