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At 4G Tactical we are dedicated to providing  our students with the best reality based Firearms Training possible.

If you own a firearm or seek to purchase one it’s important to receive proper training.

Training will help build confidence, increase knowledge and improve skills and protect yourself and family against violent attacks. 

Begin your Firearms Training today by clicking on the Firearms Training tab above, We hope to see you soon. 

Church Security Training
Featured Classes
Security Training

Basic Pistol Class


This course has been developed for the new gun owner and the gun owner who has never had formal training. 

You will learn defensive shooting techniques on how to protect yourself, legal aspects of owning a hand gun, proper use and concealed carry of your weapon, use of force and weapon retention. 

This class is equivalent to Law Enforcement/Security officer Standards. 

Register today and start your training journey.


Church Security Training


We specialize in the formation and training of Church Security Teams. 

From initial set up of your security team to advanced training we can help with any need you may have.


Don't be left unprepared.

Get your team started and trained today. 

Call Paul Forgey at 678-283-5104 for your free consultation.


“He Stationed the Gatekeepers at the gates so that no unclean thing might enter”

2 Chronicles 23:19


Tactical AR-1 Class

This is a comprehensive introduction to the AR-15 rifle platform. The class is for the person who wants to understand how their rifle functions and to learn tactical combat marksmanship techniques.

You will  experience numerous shooting drills to include transitions from primary to alternate weapons and Tactical scenarios.

As well as learning to properly sight your weapon in.

Register today and start your training journey.


Armed Security Officer


State Certified 40-hour Armed Security Officer course or Blue Card.


This Course includes the 24-hour Basic Security Officer Training and the 16 hour armed training required to become a certified armed security officer in the State of Georgia.

All courses taught by 4G Tactical  exceed the Mandated State of Georgia certification requirements.


State of Georgia Security Officer Training 509-3-2 and Certification.

It's time to start your new career.

Please click on Firearms Training for a more detailed  description of classes.

Firearms Training in Georgia, Security Services & Security Guard Training at it's best.

     4G Tactical specializes in Basic/Beginner to Advanced Tactical Firearms Training to include handgun, Tactical AR-15 rifle, Tactical Shotgun as well as Tactical First Aid and Stop the Bleed national certifications. 4G Tactical conducts Georgia Security Guard/Officer Training and Georgia Blue card mandated certified classes. We offer handcuffing, OC/pepper spray certification along with Defensive and Combative self-defense and Force on Force training. 

     We also provide comprehensive church and ministry security training. Check out our Gatekeeper Church Security program. 

       All classes are conducted in a safe comprehensive with professional instruction in a Reality Based Tactical Environment. Individual attention is given to each student no matter what skill level!

     We provide many courses and services to individuals, Security Companies, Corporations and Non-profit Groups. Our objective is to teach reality based Firearms skill sets and Tactics, so that you will always be prepared.


     With the ever changing world we live in, and the uncertain times. We believe everyone should know how to protect themselves, loved ones and assets if needed. By receiving the proper Firearms training you will gain the Tactical mindset and confidence needed to survive in this ever changing world.

     We are dedicated to providing the most reality based Firearms and Security Training possible

Training is located just southeast of the Atlanta metro area at the South River Gun Club, 5205 Highway 212, Covington, GA 30016.


4G Protective Services
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Training is a Journey Start yours today.
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Reality Based Firearms Training in Georgia at it's Best.
Veterans , First Responders and Teacher Discounts $10 off all classes always.

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