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Reviews and Student Testimonals

"I wanted to thank you again for the Basic Pistol class today. This class, by far, exceeded my expectations. It seemed much more advanced than the beginning classes I have read about. After the class I felt much more comfortable carrying a weapon. I have been shooting pistols for many years, mostly just target shooting. This class exposed me to so much more. I learned more than I ever expected. The one item that I cannot thank you enough for is instilling in me the confidence that I can protect my family and myself " Thanks Paul.

Greg M.- Zebullon Ga.


I took the Basic Pistol class after having owned and fired Pistols for 25 years. This Class is a must for anyone with a carry permit that plans to carry. Just shooting paper targets at the range, is fine to work on accuracy, but that all flies out the window in a real world situation. This class teaches you what you need to know, carrying your gun in the real world. I highly recommend this class!

Michael R - McDonough Ga.


" For someone who hasn't been around guns like me this is just what I have been looking for. Paul the instructor is very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. I really learned a lot and I am looking forward to the next lesson."

Steve R.- McDonough, Ga


Paul, thank you for a tremendous learning experience during the Black Ops training. I left your course having a realistic glimpse of what it means to be immersed in a night operation and survival mode. The tools gained by attending your course will serve me well in life. Thanks again - Marvin  
Marvin R. B.- Atlanta


The Basic Pistol couse was alot more than I was expecting weapon retention techniques, shooting from some different positions. I would happily pay more then twice for a course like this. It is definetley more of a value then any other course I looked into ".

Ben W. - Phoenix City, Alabama


" This was my first form of training of any sort. Ive been to the range but never received any training. I never realized how much there was too learn and for that price, you can't beat it. I feel more comfortable and confident. The instruction was easy to understand and the info was very interesting and helpful. I will definetely be back for the other courses.

Andy G. - Locust Grove, Ga


"I just completed Paul Forgey's Basic Pitol class and "WOW". The class was terriffic! I am familiar with weapons from my time in the military but haven't fired a pistol in over 20 years. This was just the class I needed to feel comfortable with my weapon. Paul covered GA regulations, firing stance, firing from different positions and in different tactical situations and weapon retention. This was much more than just another basic pistol class and I enjoyed it very much. Paul is very knowledgeable and is an engaging instructor. I highly recommend this class."

Scott S. - Peachtree City, Ga


" I have been shooting on my own for about 3 years and my wife has shot twice at the range. When we went to the basic pistol class I thought, I would go with my wife for support. With in the first 10min I started to get into it and my wife was having a ball she lost her fear of using a gun and we learned a lot of new skills and how to hone our skills at home and at the range. The basic class will take an avid or a beginner shooter and put them on their toes by the end of the class. I have been a CWC for about 6 months and I feel much more confident. Now before my wife and I went my wife would not even touch a gun unless on the range now we are on the way to get her a CWC licence. I cant thank Paul enough for the great eye opening experience. Tactical pistol training here we come."

Tim and Makeala H.- Monroe, Ga


Paul, I wanted to say thank you for the class today. The information and instruction was more than I expected. The way you explain shooting in a tactical manner, makes more sence than just shooting paper targets. Thanks again and I can't wait for the Tactical 1 class. 

Jeff M.- Griffin, Ga


"I recently attended the Paul Forgey Basic Pistol class and I must say I was impressed. Paul provided excellent suggestions for handing the weapon and provided the opportunity for various close range situations that will be beneficial if ever needed in a real world situation. I enjoyed the class and look forward to taking the next one." 

Jeff H.- Eatonton, Ga


Paul, Thank you so much, I both enjoyed your class and learned more than I ever expected in an entry level course. Not only did I learn tactical hand to hand moves but you also opened my eyes to a weakness I probably would have never identified in my shooting. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. I think it would be a great team building event for clubs, offices or church groups. Thanks again for pointing out my shaking after target acquisition, I have always assumed I was trying to maintain a good sight picture too long. After coming home and doing more research I feel I am putting a death grip on the weapon causing tense muscles. So I am going to work on dry fire exercises and will definitely be signing up for tactical pistol 1. Once again, thank you and your family for what you do.

Steven G.-


The Basic Pistol Class was more than we were expecting! Anyone can benefit from taking this class. I was a first time shooter and learned so much. My husband has been shooting guns all his life and he sharpened his skills by taking this class! Paul actually teaches you more than just the basics of shooting a pistol! He is an awesome teacher and the class is a lot of fun. We definitely plan on taking the Tactical 1 Pistol Class! We enjoyed the experience and the Forgey family is very nice!  

Thanks Leigh & Freddie - Ola, Ga


Thanks very much for your outstanding class. I had never had any instruction on how to fire a handgun, so I had no good habits and lots of bad ones. The techniques you teach have enabled me to work on my own to continue improving my skills. I plan on taking your more advanced classes in the future. Thanks again!

Jim B.- McDonough, Ga



I wanted to thank you for a wonderful basic pistol class. My review of this class begins by saying this did not seem like a basic class. I came in with a basic understanding of my weapon and shooting. I left feeling much more comfortable with my weapon and having to use it. As the class began we had a nice session to make sure we knew about any pistol and how they operate. We also went over taking aim and the steps to take before taking the shot. Then we went to the range. You allowed us to shoot so you could see our main weakness. You gave us tips and put us through many different scenarios. This was my favorite part of the class. I was able to see how my shooting changed when stress was applied as we as having to shoot at more than one target. One of the scenarios required us to shoot from our knees. This was a strange feeling but it showed us how difficult it was. We also shot one handed with each hand. Finally we went over basic self-defense skills to protect our weapons from being taken from us and defending our self from attack. This “basicâ€? class was all but basic. I left feeling much more confident about my weapon and having to use it. I also realize that train hard and often is a true statement. There is much more to training that just range-time. I strongly recommend this class to anyone even if you think you are an experienced shooter. I am looking forward to the level one tactical pistol class. 

Thank you, JR Davis- Fayetteville, Ga



The Basic Pistol course was informative and awesome! The outdoor range provided the opportunity to get a more realistic and well-rounded experience, compared to the indoor range class that I'd taken in the past. Mr. Forgey and his staff were remarkably knowledgeable about the weapons and tactics, and I will definitely be back for more classes. 

-Jennifer F.- McDonough, Ga


I thoroughly enjoyed the Basic Pistol class. It was a chance to safely and confidently try shooting in ways that are impossible or not allowed in other ranges. The refresher on gun laws was helpful as well. Thanks Mr. Forgey.

-David G.- McDonough, Ga


Paul, Just wanted to again thank you again for the basic pistol class on Saturday! I learned quite a bit, and the curriculum is definitely worth a lot more than what a person would normally pay. You took the time to explain and answer my questions on why you were teaching the techniques, their application, and not just saying here it is, do it this way and no other way matters. You were also a HUGE help in discovering weaknesses in not only my shooting and reloading, but in how I carry and draw from my concealment rig as well. This alone was well worth my investment and I am already integrating and adapting to the new techniques learned. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to participating in the Tactical pistol 1 class next month.

- Dave Smith.- Griffin,Ga 


Hey Paul

Just wanted to thank you for the course is was a great course and it pushed beyond the comfort zone specially when you added a little presure bihind us.

Looking forward to enroll in the Tactical Pistol and get more proficient with the pistol

Thanks Again and hope to see you soon !!

Jesus P- East Point, Ga



Today's class was awesome. I had a great time and definitely brought home a plethora of new skills. Count me in on the next Tactical Pistol 2 and Low Light classes. I look forward to working with you again very soon and welcome any training opportunities you have for me.

Thanks again, 

Austin D.- Fayetteville, Ga


Paul, I absolutely love the class I can't even begin to tell you how much I actually learned and I can't believe that I actually carried a handgun before taking your class. Now that I'm back in Indiana I tell everybody about your class and if they go to Georgia they need to go and take your class . Your class is definitely a must take for any concealed carry gun owner.

Tim- Indiana


Paul,I wanted to say thanks for the great instruction in the Basic Pistol class today.The information was great and much more than i expected in a basic class.I enjoyed the real life situations.I would highly recommend this class and i'm looking forward to Tactical 1. 

Thanks again.

 John L ,Griffin Ga


Hi Paul,

Below is our testimonial for the Basic class. It was truly a pleasure and we are looking forward to more classes.

My wife and I recently took the Basic Pistol Class, "basic" is truly an understatement. In the class we learned first and foremost safety, Georgia carry and firearms laws, range etiquette, basic pistol marksmanship, target acquisition, defensive measures, basic weapon retention, and he threw in some basic self defense. Paul was always attentive to each students individual needs and only proceeded when the student was comfortable with the exercise.

We came to the class expecting a familiarization course, but left with much more than we expected. Paul has a passion for teaching and sharing his wealth of knowledge and it is clearly evident. We will absolutely be back for more advanced training. 

Many thanks,

Mr. & Mrs Shawn T.- Jackson Ga


Dear Paul,

A simple Thank You? hardly seems adequate to express my appreciation and gratitude for the Basic Pistol class you have put together. I can tell that you are dedicated to providing the best reality based firearms training possible. Your class by far exceeded my expectations, the training and personal attention you gave my wife and myself was priceless. From the beginning to the very end you taught us all new shooting techniques and useful information on how to carry our firearms, from safety, shooting positions and weapon retention techniques. We learned more in your five hour class than all the time added up in the indoor shooting range.

Once again Thank You Paul for helping us to move forward in our confidence in protecting our family and ourselves, we look forward in the Tactical Pistol 1 class.

Keith and Cheryl- Locust Grove, Ga


Paul, Just wanted to thank you for the professional instruction you gave my wife and I this weekend. I am a long time shooter but my wife has just entered the world of handgun shooting and I was nervous that the course may be intimidating to her. You were very professional and patient with her especially when she had weapons problems. We both learned so much that could save our life some day. We are grateful for the instruction about how to safe guard your own weapon while dealing with an attacker and how to disarm someone that is threatening you. This was so much more than a "Basic" handgun course but you teach it so that any beginner will be successful in the safe and accurate shooting of their weapon. Thank you again and I look forward to doing the Tactical Pistol 1 course with you very soon!

Dave H.- Hampton, Ga 



Huge thanks for that class today! I was able to work thru many of my personal fears and issues surrounding my new firearm. Simple suggestions such as the proper handhold/grasp, the BRASF, sight/target acquisition and so on allowed me to improve in real time. I screwed up several times and felt myself recover. It was refreshing to finally be back with an instructor who knows that during a course is the time to work thru the issues. Also thanks to your Son. He did a fine job of helping me and Jose work on our weapon-security drills.

Tom W.- Sparta Ga.


After attending Mr Forgey's basic pistol class I felt like I received not only the basic information that I needed to be competent with my firearm but also guideline's to live by while carryingconcealed. Mr Forgey is very good at what he does. If this is your first time being introduced to firearms you will feel very comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. The experience at 4G tactical is very nice. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.

Erian R.- Atlanta Ga.


Prior to taking the 4g Tactical course I did not know what to expect. I have been shooting for about 4 years at a indoor range, and thought of myself as a pretty good shooter. Not only did Paul teach me how to shoot better, he also showed me how to shoot faster, and with more acccuracy. We were also taught how to use your weapon, as well as your own body to defend yourself from a real attacker. The information was amazing, the experience was great!! I can't wait to take more people and continue my training with Paul. If you are new to shooting, or have been doing for years, you will be a better shooter and learn more about how to handle a real life incident. This is valuable, and a must take course for women and men.

Kris K. Atlanta Ga.


Thank you for doing what you do I enjoyed the class very much. You gave me the confidence I needed to be comfortable with my gun it meant a lot to me because the gun I used was a gun that belonged to my late father and it meant a lot to me now knowing I can have something that belonged to him with me all the time and be comfortable using it if I ever have to and I am sure I will be in another one of your classes and will look forward to it you do a great job at what you do and I will recommend your class to anyone who needs the training. Keep up the good work.

Sandra P.


Dear Paul,

I recently took your basic pistol class! I wasn't sure I was wanting a class like this until a friend convinced me to take it with her. We took the women's class. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it! We both had such a great time we were sorry when it ended! I feel so much more comfortable around my gun now. And yes, we are both signed up for tactical one. Can't wait!!

Sandy L.



I recently completed a private tactical 1 pistol class under your direction. Your instruction was practical and professional. 

The class was based on real life scenarios which improved my confidence and pushed me to become a much better shooter.  

I look forward to taking many more of your classes and recommend them to anyone interested in learning better pistol handling techniques and improving their shooting skills.


Coy L.


Mr. Forgery, 

Thank you for your professional instruction in your Tactical Pistol 1 class this past Saturday.

I am a veteran of US Army Special Forces and a former Law Enforcement SWAT operator. 

I was looking for some refresher training but found the shooting scenarios were creative

And informative and that advanced thought was applied to your curriculum. The course is

well thought out, balancing a shooters real life duress w/thoughtful consideration to the varied

levels of shooting experience that class participants had been exposed to prior to attending

your program. Your dedication to assisting & instructing responsible handgun owners is evident

in your pricing and smaller class sizes to insure a quality experience. I highly recommend this

training to both inexperienced handgun owners and skilled operators looking to enhance their

shooting skills on levels that cannot be achieved on the static paper target range. 


Bob Van


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterdays class. It introduced me to some new concepts that I hadn't considered before. I've never been in a shoot house, cleared a room or shot over my head while laying on my back. It was all good stuff. I was doing some dry firing in the garage while the info is still fresh and thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for informative and fun class........

Tom G. Douglasville



I hope you had a great Father's Day! I wanted to thank you again for the training on Saturday. I really had a great time and learned so much! You did a fantastic job helping all of us learn the basics with your amazing patience and expertise. 

Thank you again and I look forward to attending your other classes very soon.

God bless you!

Jeff G.


Paul, I wanted to thank you so much for teaching a wonderful basic pistol class. I had a fantastic time!! Your class exceeded my expectations and I now feel much more comfortable handling and firing my 9mm. I was very impressed with the organization and the efficiency with which you conducted the class. My husband and I will be taking the Tactical Pistol and the Tactical AR courses with you as well.Thank you again for taking the time to teach civilians how to protect themselves. I pray that God blesses you and your family!

April H. Griffin Ga, 


Thank you Paul. I truly learned a lot during the pistol class. You taught me many things Saturday that have real meaning and purpose for anyone who has made the serious choice to carry their firearm on a daily basis. I highly recommend this class to any shooter that has not had formal training. I will be in contact with you for further training. Thank you again for your time. 

Mitch M.- Katherine Ga,



My husband and I have taken two classes with Paul (the Basic Pistol and the Tactical Pistol 1) and are extremely pleased with both of our experiences. Paul is a wonderful instructor with a huge emphasis on safety and understanding your weapon, as well as, how it works. He takes the time with beginners to make sure that they are handling the weapon correctly and that they understand the mechanics of it. Both classes are challenging but very fun. Paul makes the class interesting while at the same time is very informative. He leads by example and is very attentive if you have a problem understanding a certain concept. He makes very constructive corrections and never makes you feel ignorant. Tactical Pistol 1 is an extension of the Basic Pistol class. Everything that is learned in the basic class is used and expected in the Tactical Pistol 1 and the other classes that follow. He also keeps the class sizes small and manageable to insure that the experience is as safe as possible. We will be taking many more classes with Paul and would recommend him to anyone looking to gain a more thorough understanding of their weapon or to improve their technique. 

Terry and April- Griffin, Ga


Hey Mr. Paul,

 Just wanted to drop a quick note to you telling you how much I enjoyed training again with you yesterday. Even though it was hot as Hades, I not only enjoyed shooting with other like minded Americans but enjoyed learning a whole new set of skills in the process. The drown proofing portion where we were shooting from the ground and learning how to maneuver on our backs with a charged weapon was absolutely invaluable! Learning how to move and shoot, as well as properly shooting from cover and the shoot house was an eye opener for me as well. 


Thank you again and i look forward to training with you again in TP-2, shotgun and AR. But, definitely when it cools off!! ;)

You are a great American Sir, and a terrific instructor.

Thanks again, David S.


Hi Paul, 

We had a great time Saturday. Anne Marie has gained a lot of confidence now. Your class was highly informative but you kept the class entertaining and flowing. 

Regards, Chuck C- Locust Grove, Ga






Thank you for your time and your skills.  I am blessed to have taken your class.  I feel that a monetary value cannot be placed on the knowledge you share and the skills you help us each to develop.  You have a unique way of teaching that keeps people relaxed.  We had several people in our group who had never shot before.  The woman next to me was very nervous.  After the initial instructions and first round of firing, I could tell she was more relaxed.

I look forward to taking the tactical pistol 1 class which I would like to enroll in.  It will be after the 1st of the year due to work schedule and the holidays.

I wish you a joyous time during the holiday season.

Scott F.


Hello Sir, my name is Randy (Krav guy) and my wife and I were in your class today.  If you would like an unusual gage on how your class went it is this.   Julie only came today as a result of my intense lobbying over the course of (2) weeks.  She only shoots maybe (3) times a year but is a good shot.  By the time we pulled out of your place today she was insistent that she re-take this course as a 457 on the qualification was a chump score for losers.  She is intent on doing much better.  She had a blast complete with sore hands and bullet blisters on her loading fingers.  What I got from it (on her behalf) is that she finally got a glimpse of what it takes to actually use a hand gun as a tool for survival.  She has always believed that just having the gun solved the problem.  I have always considered this very dangerous.


For me, today was day one of finally beginning to fill the huge hole I have in my competency in using a firearm in the real world.  I can handle one safely with the best of them and am an average shot but actually learning the how’s and the when’s and the how much is exactly what I need.  I will be taking all of your courses and will be bringing my 12 year old daughter early next year for the basic course.  I will work with her on what we learned today so she will be familiar enough not to take too much of your time during the class.  It went really fast, was very interesting and still entertaining.  I would like to say that I share your conviction that I hope & pray that I can train with the fire arms, the Krav and the Kali for the rest of my life never having to use any of it outside of a training facility.

Randy P.

Black ops weekend was intense, but intensely important for any serious prepper. The skills learned were not just hypothetical skills that may or may not be used, but rather skills that will likely become a norm if one has to INCH out (I'm Never Coming Home). Most people never get to do what we did. Though the night shoot was, in my opinion, the highlight, trying to navigate at night while having ex-military dudes hunt you with NV and automatic airsoft guns makes for an experience you won't forget.


Paul is a blessed instructor and makes things easy to understand even when you are at the end of a 27 hour training day running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before. Lack of sleep might get you all jacked up, you follow me? My advice; get sleep and lots of it the night before, bring something to record the lessons, get a good and easy to use compass, bring EVERYTHING that is required and a change of clothes and shoes, stock up on tracers, have fun even in the suck, and pray for strength. 

Ross M- 



I recently attended 4Gs first level tactical AR class.  Although I’m no stranger to firearms, I’ve never had 

any formal training with them.  After the AR class with Paul and Kevin, I would not say I’m an expert with 

an AR, however, there is a night and day difference between where I was prior to the class and now in 

terms of my understanding of the rifle, its operation, and my comfort level in using it.  The class really 

give you a ground up view of the AR platform starting with some history on the weapon and a really 

good fundamental overview of the weapon itself including how to break it down, reassemble, and 

maintain the rifle and its components.  


The class covered proper foundational concepts (and their application) of various shooting positions, 

sighting in the rifle, and as important as anything, how to be and stay safe when handling and using an 

AR.  If any of you have been to a range where any old knucklehead can go in and rent a fully automatic 

rifle and blast away like an idiot, you’ll agree that safety is the first concern when dealing with any 

weapon.  Paul and Kevin stayed laser focused on safety all day long while still covering all the topics 

promised as part of the class.  

If you’re looking to become Rambo, this is not the class for you.  If you are looking to get the right kind 

of training with a very useful rifle, sign up now.  

Scott R. – Atlanta, GA    



I thoroughly enjoyed the tactical pistol 1 class this past Saturday, 10/24/15.  After shooting at 

indoor ranges for years at paper targets (and thinking you're pretty good), this was definitely a 

humbling experience but most gratifying.  Discovered a lot of things to work on.  Thanks to you and 

your instructors for a first class experience from this old senior citizen Marine (69 & counting). 




I wanted to thank you and your team for being so patience with my wife and I during the 

class. We learned a lot and are practicing and implementing things we learned, as well 

as changing or fixing things as required. We will be back to see you again. 


Wesley & Sandi Folsom




The basic pistol course was fantastic.   We learned many things that will help us in the future.  The 

classroom instruction plus the on hands training was excellent.  Will look forward to more training in the 


Many thanks.  c. h.



Hi Paul,

Writing a review of someone's business is not something I normally do. You either have to 

be really bad or really great at what you do to garner that kind of response. Fortunately for 

4G Tactical they fit into the "Great" category. My company has completed training through 

several agencies over the years however none of those can compete with the training my 

company received through 4G with Paul Forgey. I can't say enough about his expertise, 

creativity and genuine down to earth, nitty-gritty approach to teaching. He has that obvious 

in the field experience that a lot of places do not have. I was searching for hands on real 

world scenario training for my company, not just the basic "get you by" courses. I have 

finally found someone that my company can use on an ongoing basis for training! I highly 

recommend 4G, you will not be disappointed!

Sheila McPhilamy


Complete Investigations, Inc.



My wife and I drove about 200 miles to attend Paul's training.  His credentials are impressive and 

his presentation is both informative and entertaining.  Even if you have been trained to use 

firearms, you will find his courses to be "spot on" and you will walk away with more information 

that when you arrived.  He covers the Georgia Carry law and answers every question.  If he doesn't 

know the answer, he is not above telling you so.  When you leave, you are more comfortable with 

your firearm, you know how to use it properly and you know it's limitations.  We highly recommend 

4G Tactical for your training.  Paul knows his stuff and his staff is on site to help as well.  Whether 

you drive 10 miles or 200 miles, this is time well spent. 

Thanks Paul 

Robert H.



I live in (North Augusta) South Carolina and 4G Tactical was the only place that I could find that 

taught what I am wanting to learn, and by awesome instructors with extensive experience in the 

military and security fields.  The first class we took was the “Basic Pistol” class to try and help my 

wife conquer her fear.  Well I think we created a monster.  She now knows what type of weapon 

she wants, how it should feel, how to use it, and now keeps asking me when we can take the next 

class.  I would highly recommend 4g Tactical for all you weapon training from novice to highly 


Thanks again, I will be In Touch soon, we are looking forward to scheduling the next class.

Chad B.


Hi Paul.

Thank you for a really good class on Saturday.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  Having never spent time with an AR, by the end of the day I felt really comfortable and confident with my new rifle.  You and your staff were very professional, really good instructors, and emphasized safety while also having fun.

I am very interested in the next tactical AR class and your tactical pistol classes, so you will see me again.

Dr. FN- Atlanta Georgia


I wanted to take a few moments and thank you for the chance to come and attend the Tactical 1 Pistol class. In the many years I have carried weapons in various jobs, I admit, I didn’t think there was a whole lot that you could teach me that I didn’t already know.

I should make you aware that I was very wrong in that assumption. You showed me many things that I had never considered prior to your class, and it makes me think that I really need to get into the Tactical 2 class. As soon as I have time I will be back for more training.

You were professional and courteous, didn’t bark at us like a Drill Instructor or make us to feel ignorant or “beneath you”, as I have heard other people say about other instructors. Added to that, the fact that you had a student in the class who had no experience whatsoever shooting, but nonetheless, were able to modify and tailor her portion/participation in the class to fit her needs tells me that you are not in this business to “make a buck”, but that you really want every student to walk away from class feeling better about their ability to use a firearm in a defensive manner AND feel comfortable about when to shoot and, more importantly, when NOT to shoot.

You made a very physically challenging day an experience that was enjoyable, and knew when to push and when not to push people based on physical abilities.

I have more confidence in my knowledge and ability, and my wife can see it as well. 

Great class! Had a fun time with you and the other students! 

Thanks again Sir!


Paul Mc.- McDonough Georgia

Thank you so much for the class. I know so much more now and have more confidence in myself with a weapon. I believe everyone should go thru this class before issued a weapons permit. It was so much fun. And the way y’all brought up different ways of shooting (fast, slow, on your knees....) really makes you concentrate more on your moves. Once again thank yall so much. If anyone is getting a gun take this class.  

Doug- Canton, Georgia

Thank you & your wife for y'all kindness in every aspect of the class. I want to extend a special thank you for lending me your weapon when mine malfunctioned. I was stressing out when it happened thinking I came all the way from Savannah and had to get turned away. You put me at ease when you let me use one of your many I enjoyed your expertise, knowledge, and you kept the class attention with your humor. Your overall concern in the class is safety and oh yeah can't forget being on time :) I will definitely be coming back for more training and will spread the word for anyone whose looking to take classes. Thank you again and shout out to your other instructor.

Briggess J.- Savannah Georgia

This is my second time taking a class with Paul. He was awesome and fun both times. He and his other trainers take the time with each person. They are there to truly help everyone. They recognize each person's skill level and offer advice and tips based on your shooting pattern. They are able to tell if you are jerking the trigger or if you are anticipating the shot. They also value safety. There were a few times some of the people would have there glasses on top of their hats or not have ear plugs in. They seemed to notice every time. I took the course to get my armed guard certification. I felt he paid extra attention to me to make sure I was up to the standards to pass the qualification. He took the time after the class to go over several details with me. He also cares about the people that take his courses. He told me to keep him updated on when I find a job in the security field. However the best thing about his classes are the price points. I feel he offers classes that are cheaper than other classes of the same caliber. All in all this has been an awesome experience and I cannot wait to take other classes. 

This is my review of your class. This is my honest opinion. I truly do appreciate everything you taught us. Thank you

Matthew D.- Augusta Georgia

I just attended 4G Tactical's Tactical Pistol 2 course. I've been in Law Enforcement for 24 years and I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, tactics and approachability of the instructors! Hands on and fun instructors with the safety of their students being paramount. With my experience, I was not really expecting to be tested and challenged, like I was. I did learn a lot and the students were given muscle memory drills to do, on their own, to fine tune, well after the course. I, personally, will be back for more training, even though it's a 7.5 hour drive, from my home in Florida! Thank you 4G.

See y'all soon! Scott, Florida

Hey Paul,

The Tactical pistol 1 was awesome yesterday, I can honestly say that I haven't had any training like the training 4g Tactical offers ever in my life thats including the training I received  in the Army. We have and still are telling more of our friends and family members about 4G Tactical and we hope more of them become interested enough to take advantage of the opportunity to be trained.

Anthony S- Conyers Georgia

Took the Basic Pistol Class today. It was my first formal training so I was admittedly nervous. Paul was very good at making it a good environment where you could not only be at ease, but also be safe. The course content built a foundation for me to build on as a shooter, and confidently move forward without building bad habits. I feel confident in my ability to protect myself or my family should I have to after this class. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Josh L.- Georgia

4G Tactical is THE place in Ga for firearms training. Paul and his team are clearly passionate about their work. I have attended 2 classes here and I intend to take all of them. There is fun to be had for all skill levels. When I was initially looking for training, I found several places near me that offered training but the instructors seemed under qualified. When I stumbled across 4G Tactical's website and saw all of Paul's achievements and qualifications, I knew this was the place for me.  I will happily continue to make the 2.5 hour drive to further my training with 4G.

John B- Albany, Ga 


Making the decision to carry a handgun on a daily basis is something I take very serious.  Having individuals like yourself willing to train and help educate the novice gun owner is priceless. 

Thank you and I will definitely be back to take more courses. 

Rodney  H.- Stone Mountain, Ga   

I took your class with my husband, son, & daughter-in-law on Saturday, February 1, 2020. We had a great time and we learned a lot. I must say, I was terrified when we began the class. My brother was murdered on May 8, 2003. This May will be 17 years that he has been gone. That is how long I have lived in fear of guns. You and your team managed to dissolve those fears in one day when my family has tried for literally years to get me to just try to target practice. I couldn't even hold a gun without getting sick to my stomach. This past Christmas, they gave me your class with y'all as a Christmas gift. I truly didn't want to do it because it brought back too many painful memories. Between my family's nudges, encouragement, and just plain stubbornness to force me out of that frightening place, and your team taking me under your wings and babysitting me through this. George took me under his wing and separated me from the others to work through my fears and to help me to become more comfortable with my firearm. All of the trainers were wonderful, but I will always be grateful to George for working one on one with me to get me through a hardship that I have tried for years to overcome but have been paralyzed with fear by it. He was very patient with me, soft spoken, and never raised his voice nor got upset with me when I didn't get something correct. I truly appreciate that very much. By the end of the class, George had me laughing and enjoying myself. That was wonderful! It was a miracle! THANK YOU!

I am so grateful for y'alls kindness, compassion, & dedication to all of us. I made it. I truly made it! Thank You!

A VERY satisfied customer.

Brinda D.- Morrow, Georgia


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